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High Speed Lamination Press Line
​Although the investment of traditional manual production line is relatively small in the initial stage of construction, with the expansion of market demand, its inherent shortcomings such as low efficiency and poor product quality stability increasingly
Fan Lamination High Speed Press
Motor fan is a kind of motor with fan hub and blade. There are uniform grooves along the outer circumference of the fan hub. The blades are inserted in the groove. The permanent connection methods such as welding and bonding make the blade and the fan hub
Motor Core High Speed Lamination Press
With the advanced computer controller, Howfit Presses are using unique design stamping operation software. The computer has strong function and large memory capacity. With the guidance parameter setting, it has the function of fault revelation and makes t
High Speed Precision Lamination Press
Howfit DDH-500T Gantry High Speed Presses maintain a stable and efficiency function of stamping large size stator and rotor, lamination for generator motor and Industrial Motor in large tonnage press area for years with reliable manufacturing experience,
High Speed Press Motor Lamination
Efficiency and rapidity - Compared with manual stamping speed, one worker can see three punches (the most basic).Neatness and beauty - products made by automatic die lamination are neat and beautiful compared with manual lamination.
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